Queen Elizabeth Parks Project

The Queen Elizabeth Parks Project is an exemplar project. It promotes conservation education and links between parks and communities.

Queen Elizabeth Parks Project connects the communities and staff of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda and Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Hampshire, UK. It is a project of cultural exchange and mutual support that focuses on wildlife conservation.

There are three key areas to our project

  1. Ranger training, support and exchange visits

    We encourage rangers and other park staff to participate in exchange visits and other training opportunities. We also encourage positive connections between rangers and the park communities.

  2. School twinning and education projects

    Our belief is that education is the key to successful and sustainable conservation. By supporting school and bringing conservation into the classroom, children in both the UK and Uganda understand the importance of their local parks and the wildlife within them.

  3. Community engagement initiatives

    We visit community groups both in Uganda and the UK, engaging with people and talking about the role of rangers, culture exchange and local community involvement in wildlife conservation.

Geomission Uganda

We are investigating sustainable tourism products based on the diverse geology of the Albertine Rift Valley. These geological features could provide business opportunities for communities outside of the main wildlife viewing destinations. By developing products that are based on the landscape and local cultures rather than transient wildlife, communities will feel a greater sense of engagement with tourists.