Ranger profile: Prem Kanwar Shaktawat, Forest Guard, India

Job involves: on checkpost and barrier, to check vehicles, take the entry fee from tourists and guide them around the sanctuary. Also, assist in wildlife rescue operations.

Main threats in area: poaching and deforestation.

Favourite species: elephants – they resemble humans in many ways. They live and travel together, eat together and look after each other. I worry about their future because of the constant and increasing demand for ivory and body parts that are destroying the populations.

Main threats to job: the forest fragments are on river banks, which makes patrolling difficult as the criminals enter the area by boat. Getting information quickly is also a problem. The forest vehicles cannot always access the territory easily. There is a lack of adequate resources to catch wild animals, including cages. Medical services are scant and insufficient. The forest guards lack basic facilities, and there are also too few guards to protect the forest and wildlife. There are insufficient supplies of power and portable water. Wages are low.

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