The vital role that rangers play in natural history film making

By Verity White, Wildlife film maker, Five Films

Wildlife and environmental film producer and director, Verity White, writes about the importance of working with rangers.

Filming wild animals in Africa can often be a bit of an adventure! Rangers have stood alongside us to face down elephants, find elusive lions, chase swarms of angry bees, battle stormy weather, dodge bush fires, and endure endless nights out in the field. As a film maker in these wild situations, with your head down and eye glued to the camera, you need someone you can really trust to watch your back. A trained ranger is essential.

They also have a deep understanding of the African landscape – the kind of knowledge that only comes with years of experience and a genuine connection with the earth. They also know the wildlife well, which not only keeps us safe but also helps us capture those magical moments of animal behaviour. Most of us film-makers are visitors to countries like Kenya, and we rely heavily on local knowledge to achieve our ambitious goals and then get home in one piece!