What do you love about being a ranger?

In June, we asked rangers what they loved about being a ranger. Here are a couple of their responses.

David Larkin, Brighton, UK

David Larkin outside HMS Victory

One thing I like, the unexpected, being invited to dinner on the HMS Victory, the 250 year old flagship of Nelson’s navy.

My job includes among other things looking after cultural heritage, which includes the Chattri, a World War One memorial. Brighton Pavilion was used as a hospital for Indian soldiers wounded on the Western Front. Those that died were cremated on the hills above the town and the Chattri was later erected on the site to commemorate them and all the other Indian soldiers who gave their lives.

The Chattri memorial on the East Sussex South Downs near Patcham

Chattri memorial by Dani Driscoll on Flickr

The Commonwealth War Graves Commissionaires who oversee the maintenance of all war graves in the British Commonwealth came on a tour of site in south east England and I was invited to their dinner the night before. Rangering is rarely as posh!

The Victorian Rangers Association, Australia

The best thing about being a ranger is… whenever you’re having a long day getting the world to care about what we do, you just have to look at all the amazing work being done by thousands of rangers around the world to keep you motivated to never give up.

Rufous fantail

Rufous fantail in Errinundra National Park, Victoria, Australia, by David Cook on Flickr

From Africa to America to Australia, from deserts to rainforests to small urban reserves all of us are fighting in our own ways to protect what we love and educate future generations not to make the same mistakes.