United for Rangers

United for Rangers (UfR) is a not-for-profit initiative for the furtherance and development of the vital role played by rangers and their purpose in wildlife conservation around the world.

UfR provides a coordinated forum for collaboration between organisations with shared objectives related to:

UfR membership is open to any willing and capable party that wishes to contribute to a joint effort to benefit rangers and their work where required, anywhere in the world. UfR core functions include the promotion of ranger professionalisation, standards and best practices, partnerships, and where appropriate, employment and welfare conditions.


Creating an effective and efficient forum for collaboration, with a very simple and equitable set of rules of governance that:

  1. allows for decision-making within time-frames which allow for a positive impact to be made on important real life issues affecting rangers directly or indirectly.
  2. promoting improved ranger professionalism and job effectiveness through the promotion of accredited training, certification and the recognition of excellence.
  3. developing international best practice standards and procedures that improve the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of the work of rangers.
  4. identifying and promoting opportunities for partnerships on ranger-related projects, internationally.
  5. supporting local or regional ranger associations or federations as well as the International Ranger Federation to reach their goals on ranger issues.
  6. promoting improved ranger employment and welfare conditions through the publication of global standards.

Different partners and partnerships of UfR will be active in working on one or more of the above aspects of furthering the overall cause. Members will not be expected to participate in all components of the overall initiative but will need to contribute to at least one.


In comparison to ranger federations and associations, which are typically membership based organizations for rangers, UfR provides a focused forum for:

UfR thus provides an easy opportunity for organizations and NGOs or individuals with specialist expertise in ranger work, to participate and work together with and for rangers. Individuals and groups do not have to be members of ranger associations to be able to be members of UfR and to contribute to the support of rangers and their work, through one of the UfR endorsed initiatives.

In summary, the purpose of UfR is to:

The pillars of the partnership are:


Pams Foundation

Pams Foundation logo

Pams Foundation, based in Tanzania, aims to help sustain and conserve biodiversity, wilderness, habitats and ecological process through actions that benefit nature and communities.

Ranger Federation of Asia

Ranger Federation of Asia logo

The Ranger Federation of Asia is an association of rangers, forest guards and frontline staff who protect Asia’s wildlife. The Federation brings these individuals together and builds links with other ranger associations around the world.

Nature’s Frontline

Nature’s Frontline logo

Nature’s Frontline aims to bring conservation news from rangers and staff at the ground level to a wider audience. The organisation also supports a number of ranger-led projects around the world.

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust logo

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust (LWT) is a local NGO working to protect the wildlife and habitats of Malawi. LWT runs wildlife conservation programmes within and outside protected areas, including the provision of support to law enforcement agencies and government rangers that work to combat wildlife crime.

Game Rangers International

Game Rangers International logo

Game Rangers International currently implement six conservation projects that together take a holistic approach to the problems of conservation in Zambia. Wildlife Crime Prevention Project (WCPP) concentrate on anti-trafficking efforts within Zambia, working with local wildlife authorities, as well as local and regional conservation organisations, to stop the illegal wildlife trade.